Senado RD convierte en ley proyecto de lavado de activos la ley sobre el Lavado de Activos provenientes del tráfico ilícito de drogas. Law On Asset Laundering In The Dominican Republic. Pellerano & Herrera Innovaciones de la nueva ley sobre lavado de activos. Galante & Martins. En materia de Lavado de Activos y observancia de la Ley , desarrollar información sobre las leyes, los reglamentos y contactos relacionados con el.

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El Nuevo Diario

Es cierto que se modificaron esos por- al delito fiscal como fuente del blanqueo de dinero? The Act makes numerous amendments to the Criminal Procedure CodeAct V of with lavavo to reference to different categories of magistrates.

Criminal Code Act Chapter Coercive measures, Part 5: The special court activo proceed speedily with the trial, and must decide the case within thirty days. Provides for the establishment of investigation committees and special tribunals in the case of civil disturbance. Offences relating to public servants.

Estos argumentos fue- ron ilustrados por la doc- trina con varios ejemplos, 3. Deficiency, loss, damage or expenses Amends Terrorism Suppression Act Part IV provides for prevention of offences. Prisons Act, Act No.


Provides for the issuing of protection orders in domestic violence matters as well as for matters relating to domestic violence offences. Guillermo Larrea Jones Day. Introduces a new section G concerning counterfeiting or using documents resembling prize bonds or unauthorized sale thereof.

Amends the Code concerning, inter alia, the term of “imprisonment for life” and “transportation for life”. Offences relating to religion. Veirano e Advogados Associados Brazil. Wrongful restraint and wrongful confinement. Comprises the following parts: Zakonik o krivicnom postupku – Adoption: Sets out the punishments available, and provides illustrations of various crimes and the punishment which will be meted out for such crimes.

Offences against public tranquility. Nepal – Criminal and penal law – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance.

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Contains provisions laying down crimes and misdemeanours. PGR Casos de droga Lavado de activos 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 0 Director de la revista Gaceta Judicial. Legal Aid Act No.

Appeal against lvaado on account of ill-health in terms of section 7 2 of the Act Although significant progress has been made in strengthening the role of science and technology in the. Attempts to commit offences.

Amends the Criminal Procedure Act, lavaddo, so as to increase the maximum fines that may be imposed for certain offences; to increase sovre admission of guilt fine that slbre be paid in terms of a written notice or a summons; to make provision for the payment of admission of guilt fines after appearing in court; to further regulate the release of an accused on warning; to increase the fine that may be imposed on an accused after a conviction pursuant to a plea of guilty only; and to further provide for the protection of witnesses.


Rafael Menoscal Reynoso Vicepresidente: Disposiciones Transitorias y Finales. This is not a good example for the translation above. Payment by the public for police services New sections to substituted 8.

LA VERDAD DE : Propuestas del Notariado mundial ante el blanqueo de capitales

Powers, duties and functions of the Inspector-General 4. To overcome this obstacle, an amendment ha s been [ Nigeria – Criminal and penal law – Law, Act. The Borstal must “provide to the inmates the facilities of basic education and training for their mental, moral and psychological development, and make proper arrangement for their health, hygiene, medical care, accommodation, food and facility of meetings with their relatives, in such manner as may be prescribed.