La leptospirosis canina es una enfermedad que clínicamente puede presentar curso sobreagudo, agudo o crónico. Es de difícil diagnóstico por la gran variedad . The prevalence of leptospirosis in dogs indicates that the disease is present .. Caballero A. Leptospirosis canina y su relación con el hombre. INFORME BREVE. Genotypes of Leptospira spp. strains isolated from dogs in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Genotipos de cepas de Leptospira spp. aisladas de.

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Detection of antibodies against Leptospira serovars via microscopic agglutination tests in dogs in the United States, Pet ownership has actually been considered a risk factor for Leptospira infection Guerrabut there leptospirosia very limited information about this. Herding or hunting dogs are at greater risk of becoming infected than dogs kept only as pets.

J Small Anim Pract 37, J Biosci 33, S Afr Vet Ass 81, Dogs that recover from leptospirosis may have permanent renal dysfunctions that require life-long therapy. A specific disease syndrome in the cat is difficult to recognise or occurs most infrequently Agunloye and Nash Keywords Leptospirosis; Leptospira; Interrogans; dog; prevalence; risk factors.

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The transmission of the infection from an incidental host to another animal of the same species is relatively uncommon Bolin The identification of infective Leptospira serovars allows veterinarians to consider and pass information to the owners about possible reservoir hosts and the potential of immunoprophylaxis against specific serovars Gautam et al b.

Bangladesh J Med Microbiol 3, Lepgospirosis is difficult to correlate serological findings with chronic infections and leptospiuria, which were reported in the presence of relatively low antibody titres Rojas et al Laboratory methods for leptodpirosis leptospirosis: This vaccine also protected from development of clinical disease and sheeding after challenge Wilson et al b.

Immunization protects against disease caused by the homologous or antigenically similar serovars and the antibodies produced are relatively serovar-specific Levett NZ Vet J 27, Comparison of polymerase chain reaction assay, bacteriologic culture, and serologic testing in assessment of cannia of urinary shedding of leptospires in dogs.


A study carried out in Switzerland on 91 people from the professional staff leptospiroeis a veterinary hospital, who had been exposed to dogs with acute leptospirosis, acnina no seroreactivity to the infection suggesting that zoonotic transmission could be uncommon when preventive measures for the handling of infected animals are taken Barmettler et al Therefore, the best way to highlight the importance of the disease is to provide the public with information about the risk of acquiring the disease and maintain a constant awareness of their specific characteristics Levett For pathogenic strains, about 24 serogroups have been described Picardeau Disposable bedding should be placed in biohazard bags and properly handled.

J Vet Intern Med 26, The disease tends to be seasonal in temperate climates and year-round in tropical climates. Vet Microbiol 95, The potential of zoonotic transmission of the Leptospira infection from dogs and cats to their owners does exists due to the renal shedding of the bacteria in both species and the close contact between humans lepttospirosis their pets, but the true extent or significance has still not been investigated with accuracy.

Supportive therapy in dogs depends on the severity of clinical signs, whether there is renal or canins dysfunction and other complicating factors.

Dogs and cats can be infected with different serovars, which vary according to the geographic area, environmental characteristics, the degree of contact with the reservoir hosts of the bacteria and the life conditions of the pets.

The disease can be fatal for some dogs, but many cases are thought to be subclinical Iwamoto et al In this sense, serological testing for canine leptospirosis is complicated because dogs may be actively infected and shedding organisms, and yet be seronegative and clinically normal Harkin et al a.

Domestic dogs transmit Leptospira spp. Lancet Infect Dis 3, Leptospira serovars are maintained in the environment by a wide variety of domestic and wildlife animal species, which acts as reservoirs of the bacterium and are called “primary reservoir hosts” Greene et al Emerging diseases, zoonoses and vaccines to control caanina.


Leptospirosis in a small animal veterinarian: Wild animal reservoirs and animals with subclinical infection continue to harbor and shed leptospires, therefore, rodent control in shelters, maintenance of environmental conditions to prevent the bacterial survival and isolation of infected animals are important steps to prevent the spread of infection.

Iran J Microbiol 1, This leptospiral serotype was isolated from dogs in the United States in Levett Some animals suffer severe clinical signs of leptospirosis when they are infected with serovars for which they are not adapted and they are called “incidental hosts”.

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In cats, there is very little information about leptospirosis, particularly of the specific disease characteristics, the clinical utility of diagnostic tests and treatment options. An individual may act as primary reservoir for one serovar but incidental host for others Levett J Am Vet Med Assoc Aust Vet J 70, Pak Vet J 32, In arid areas or during drought conditions, infections in incidental hosts are more common around water sources Langston and Heuter The first isolation of leptospires from a cat was reported in in Indonesia by Martens Murphy An increase in serum creatine kinase activity may also be present, presumably due to myositis Sykes et al Treatment of other dogs in the households that may have been coincidentally exposed to leptospires in the environment is recommended with antibiotics like doxycycline, and ideally with monitoring of acute and convalescent phase leptospiral antibody titres Sykes et al Greene C, R Schultz.

Acha P, Szyfres B eds. Regarding the immune response for leptospirosis, the appearance of circulating antibodies coincides with the elimination of the circulating live leptospires from the blood and most organs Bolin