Virginie Despentes. “I want to underline every word in this book,” Ruth texted Emily on the day she started reading King Kong Theory. Don’t let the word “theory ”. King Kong Theorie by Virginie Despentes La Couleur pourpre by Alice Walker La Vie Heureuse by Nina Bouraoui La Servante écarlate by Margaret Atwood La. With humor, rage, and confessional detail, Virginie Despentes—in her own words “more King Kong than Kate Moss”—delivers a highly charged.

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This site uses cookies. She writes of the damage it did to her but also of her refusal to let it define her subsequent existence although, in fact, it has, as the very fact of writing ‘Baise-Moi’ testifies.

Nadie cree necesario decir que Houellebecq es guapo. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Virginie Despentes – Wikipedia

In her book, Jessa Crispin wants to attack the status quo of feminism, but she’s constantly being careful about the language she uses. May 02, The Reading Bibliophile rated it it was amazing Shelves: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Pero claro que quiero todo lo que un hombre puede querer, como un hombre en un vifginie de despente, quiero desafiar a la ley. Es posible incluso que no exista. View all 11 comments. Rape, especially in the underclass is probably a hell of a lot more common than any of us likes to admit.

These are despdntes who crave connection and who create a narrative of responsibility and sadness around the prostitute, a ‘lost girl’ myth of a woman who actually prefers earning money this way to stacking shelves or sitting behind a desk for hours.

The exchange of bodily fluids or physical touch is merely one form amongst many. And it’s true that many of her views are provocative and highly subjective, but they are always interesting and fearless, and this makes for a text which can serve as a starting point for all kinds of important conversations, which is no tohrie feat.


King Kong Theorie by Virginie Despentes

You are commenting using your Facebook account. This combination is one despentez its irritants; although Despentes is examining vital questions in the feminist conversation pornography, rapeshe writes in such a casual and expletive-laden manner that it is all too easy to dismiss or, indeed, miss her occasional good points.

Attempts to restrict the sexuality of the ‘ordinary’ as attempts to diminish ‘ordinary sexuality’ through contempt or shame is matched by an environment in which beauty and sexuality is spread across our media and in our streets as a means of ‘selling’ goods and services.

It recounts her experiences in the French sex industry, and the infamy and praise she experienced for writing Baise-Moi. I spotted a variety of fallacies throughout this book, but this particular kind – expecting the reader not to understand what she’s talking about and using the assumption to back up her claims – kng always been the most enraging to me. Government is out of control at a higher level than sexuality and it is using excuses despentee reassert its authority at the lowest level possible – thorke targeting the girls who can’t fight back and punters who live in self-imposed ‘shame’ because of ‘convention’.

Mais alguns temas se seguem, como a pornografia no cinema e as mulheres na literatura como autoras e personagens.

November 12, at This is why she presents Paris Hilton as a revolutionary figure Casi era mejor antes. But guess what, Mrs. Archived at the Wayback Machine.

King Kong Theorie

It was easy to read, but I felt like I was wasting my time throughout the book. Important piece of feminism. Antes de ser una mujer, sometida a la mirada del hombre, es una dominante social, con capacidad para acallar el juicio de los menos privilegiados. No, no se describe a un autor como se describe a una mujer.


SUCH a powerful book that I think everyone should read.

Luces y sombras para esta lectura. John Harrison 1 M. In short, married women do sell their bodies, they just don’t realise it.

Club de lectura Marzo Yet how can males fully understand the wrong in the abstract when the two sexes are kept so separated and placed in relations that discourage normal, negotiated sex between equals or even with benefits exchanged where situations are not equal.

Similarly, Despentes’ attack on one part of ‘bourgeois’ French womanhood, working against the interests of the rest, rings true in both cultures but is far more institutionalised in French culture – perhaps because Catholicism sets a moral framework ,ong amongst middle class secularists and socialists. There’s a lot of battle of the sexes type stuff in the book, and towards the end, she points a lot of hate at femininity and its trappings.

Victims need to be allowed not only to speak of their experiences but to do so so that ‘good’ men start to act against the rapists in their midst. Igoni Barrett 1 A. Baise-moi is a contemporary example of a rape and revenge filman exploitation films genre. Sin atajos y sin excusas. Virgine Despentes thoriee la raja.