The Journal of Dental Hygiene. Halitosis: A Review of Current Literature. Brenda L. Armstrong Key Words: halitosis, oral malodor, bad breath, assessment. Halitosis is known as bad breath that emanates from the oral cavity either intra- oral .. Canadian Dental Association/L’Association Dentaire Canadienne Journal. Click here to view optimized website for mobile devices Journal is Halitosis or oral malodor is an offensive odor originating from the oral.

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Pseudohalitosis — Complains of halitosis without the actual existence and can be yalitosis by the dental practitioner by counseling and simple oral hygiene procedures. Halitosis management by the general dental practitioner — results of an international consensus workshop.

These VSCs, beyond responsible for halitosis, can also initiate and accelerate periodontal disease progression. Bacteria which is active producers of volatile sulfur compounds in vitro adapted from Persson et al. A detailed dental examination, including the use of a standardised, halitosis questionnaire e. Sulfur-containing compounds in the breath can generate hurnal electro-chemical reaction.

Management strategy for a patient with halitosis depending on the type and etiology Modified from porter and scully, [10] Click here to view.

Halitosis – An overview: Part-I – Classification, etiology, and pathophysiology of halitosis

In this method before taking measurement, patients should close the mouth and refrain from talking food for 5 min prior to measurement, then a disposable tube of the sulfide monitor is inserted into patient’s mouth to collect mouth air. Self-perception of breath odor. Oral malodour and its association with age and sex in a general population in Brazil.


A wide range of mouth rinses containing antibacterial compounds, notably zinc ions, chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chloride, have been shown to be effective in reducing oral malodour [1]. Acta Odontol Scand ; Relationship between the presence of tonsilloliths and halitosis in patients with chronic caseous tonsillitis.

Patients with pseudo-halitosis who, despite counselling, persist in the belief that they have breath odour are categorised as having halitophobia [6].

Reyaz Ahmad Mir, Dr. Halitosis can be defined as having offensive breath odour [1]. Extraoral or systemic conditions leading to halitosis include gastrointestinal GIT problems[ 1112 ] and even stress. Comparison of ninhydrin method of detecting amine compounds with other methods of halitosis halitosjs.

Advising patients on halitosis and oral hygiene

Systemic conditions Different medical conditions, impart different odor on the patient’s breath. Fast-responding thermionic chlorine analyzer for respiratory applications. The working principle of chemical sensors is similar haliotsis sulfide monitors. Much beyond oral malodor.

Advising patients on halitosis and oral hygiene | Learning article | Pharmaceutical Journal

Even though majority of oral malodor is of oral origin, there are multiple other systemic causes that have to be addressed while we diagnose and treat this condition. Porter SR, Scully C. What Are the Other Origins of Halitosis? Ammonia monitoring Besides VSCs, ammonia is another important factor in halitosis.

However in organoleptic measurements, external parameters have negative effects on the result so the patient and examiner should avoid some odiferous food halitozis drink before 48 h. Parsley Italycloves Iraqguava peels Thailandand egg shells China are the folk cures for halitosis.

Halitosis is a latin word which derived from halitus breathed air and the osis pathologic alteration ,[ 1 ] and it is used to describe any disagreeable bad or unpleasant odor emanating from the mouth air and breath. First time, Marc Quirynen et al. Dental care should be advised to diagnose, treat the underlying cause of the halitosis, and hopefully prevent recurrence. Porter SR, Scully C. The utility of the BANA test for monitoring anaerobic infections due to spirochetes Treponema denticola in periodontal disease.


Biochemical and clinical factors influencing oral malodor in periodontal patients.

Current opinion halitosiss clinical nutrition and metabolic care. Association between halitosis and mouth breathing in children. This monitor detects ammonia quantity which is producing by oral bacteria. Journal of breath research.

Scully C, Greenman J. This measurement is considered to be the gold standard for measuring and assessing bad breath[ 67 ] because of no-cost, and being practical and simple.

Halitosis: a review article | International Journal of Current Research

Reading this article counts towards your CPD You can use the following forms to record your learning and action points from this article from Pharmaceutical Journal Publications. This condition leads to patients deprived from protective and mechanical washing effects of saliva. J Clin Dent ;9: A schematic representation of classification of halitosis Click here to view. The other conditions cause halitosis such as xerostomia, pericoronitis, oral ulceration, or malignancy which must be diagnosed and treated well.

Pyloric stenosis, duodenal obstruction, aorto-enteric anastomosis, pharyngeal pouches, zenker’s diverticulum, hiatal hernia cause food retention.

Low salivary flow and volatile sulfur compounds in mouth air.