This precipitated a trip to the Sanguine site, which then showed me that there is a revised version of Ironclaw that has been available since the. Book of , , MB. Book of , , MB. Ironclaw , , Ironclaw is a game made by furries, for furries and about furries. It takes place in a sort of feudal european fantasy setting. Basically Furcadia.

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Ironclaw – 1d4chan

If an actor rolls all ‘1’s, it’s a botch that causes additional difficulties to self. The furry bit is still a something of a tough sell to folks. Baboons aren’t nothing to fuck with. Let me tell you why Ironclaw 2nd Edition, Omnibus. A bonus for you is another die to roll. The system works the editon in combat.

Mouseguard is by far the best of the one’s I’ve read, because it actually does make the fact you’e a mouse matter a lot. And the rules are on the complex side of average, but give some value for the effort spent, like the dice-trick Harlequin mentioned. Specifically the first “point of damage,” ironcoaw you will, in IronClaw sends you 2md, which means on your next round you’ve got to spend a moment getting over the fact that someone just swung a hunk of sharpened steel at your head.

Characters have Traits can be used for many different purposesSkills used only for specific purposesGifts and Flaws. If you have any questions or comments regarding grading or anything else, please send e-mail to nobleknight nobleknight.


March edited March In recent years magic was picked up again, but it is still irnclaw and in its infancy. Hit points have been replaced with status effects; being damaged can not eition injured or kill, it can demoralize a combatant eedition they can’t attack, which may end a fight. Of course, this assumes the GM is running a roleplaying-based game where the player can pull dirty tricks out of combat. But Eppy mentioning here and elsewhere has made me really, really, really want to play this game.

The characters essentially human-like, or elf-like I suppose have some characteristics of the animal for which their particular Great House is named.

Retrieved from ” https: Notable skills include Hold-Out the ability to hide things on your personweapons skills, gambling, and observation. The setting is detailed, and you don’t have to be a furry to enjoy it.

It means being a scary fucking beast, but also means being a dumb animal; you always add your own Mind dice to the difficulty dice against any Atavist power you’re trying to pull off.

You now start with 2d8, 3d6, and d4. Mostly used as bait by furry trolls, but it has been praised for being a decent system, and also for having a cover ripped off of Slayers.

The island is split among four major houses, with a fifth controlling the city of Triskellian lronclaw is a point-of-contact for the other four. There’s also Atavism, 2ndd is when the furries get all tribal and shit and stop pretending to be half-human.


So, is Ironclaw any good?

The second edition of the Ironclaw rpg. Both parties compare the highest single die in their pools. Sanguine Productions also made an Oriental-themed anthropomorphic RPG called Jadeclaw ; the first edition was separate from Ironclaw but the second takes the form of a supplement called Book of Jade.

Build points can be used for increasing dice for traits or skills, or for buying Gifts physical, social or esoteric such as ‘great Wealth’ or ‘Night Vision’.

There were three or four immortal kings called “Autarchs” roaming around and basically using the world as their playpen. Gain exp to but cool techniques to be able to kick ass and show off in combat. Your ad here, right now: And I’ve got to tell you, someone pulls a sword on me, those are precisely the first two things I’m doing. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. It’s kind of like your Nature in Mouse Guard.

Is that a positive thing for your, or a kind of impairment?

IRONCLAW 2nd Edition Omnibus is now available from Studio 2

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Book of Adventures, The. Fair Very well used, but complete and useable.