by Michel Foucault First published Sort by. title, original date published, date .. To nie jest fajka (Paperback). Published by słowo/obraz terytoria. The reception of Foucault’s ideas in pedagogy indicates which of his concepts were found Foucault, Michel () To nie jest fajka [This is not a pipe], trans. (Editor) copies, 2 reviews; Power: Essential Works of Foucault, . A Vontade De Saber – Volume 1 (Em 3 copies; Toto nie je fajka 3 copies . 1 copy; Histoire de La Folie A L’Age Classique 1 copy; Kim pan jest, profesorze Foucault ?.

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Michel Foucault has 1 past event. Le faux miroir effetdestyle latrahisondesimages chapeaumelon pomme pipe oiseau modernart magritte picoftheday instatrip brussels – 2 months ago.

They’re both in the painting. Links within the wiki are in green. That would say “pipe” but it says, “This is not a pipe”!

Michel Foucault | LibraryThing

Het nieuwe denken over onze tijd 2 copies Il potere psichiatrico. Corso di… 2 copies Del governo dei viventi. Les aveux de la chair 10 copies Von der Freundschaft als Lebensweise. Dali, Metamorfoza Narcyza – film fiucault polskimi napisami.


Magritte, Zdradliwość obrazów (To nie jest fajka)

Lithograph after the oil on canvas by Magritte. It’s the “or” pipe. For more help see the Common Knowledge help page.

The name of the original painting is The Pleasure Principle. Do we believe what we’re seeing in the veracity of the illustration, the sort of perfect representation of the almost platonic pipe? And, of course, he’s right, it’s not a pipe. Views Read Edit History. Or, do we believe the text underneath, which tells us it’s not a pipe?

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For me, there’s this sort of perfect almost balance and struggle between the two where I just absolutely accept that pipe. Ciel de bitume mirroirauxalouettes paysageenreflet perceptionvsdiscernment latrahisondesimages minimagique – 2 months ago.

A History of Insanity in the Age of Reason. The picture of the pipe is more powerful than the language? Ceci n’est pas un basier. Chi potrebbe fumare la pipa del mio quadro? So you’re denying the text.

The name of this week’s original painting is the Son Of Man. There’s the representation of the pipe Voiceover: Then of course there’s the word “pipe” which is in a way just as much an abstraction from focault actual item of the pipe.


Until 23 January But also perfectly written text. I believe whatever I see. From Foucault, Death and the Labyrinth: You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. Masks, disguises, hidden faces–all these are repeated motifs in Magritte’s pictures.

I have taken 10 of his paintings and reinterpreted them as photographs. Because the script is again the kind of didactic script that you would find in a kindergarten classroom, which is really meant to be instructive and foucaklt to be full of authority.

Michel Foucault (1926–1984)

Ot al… 2 copies O Homem e o discurso: The painting is part of a bigger series called “La trahison des images” – “The treachery of images”. Bruxelles SaintGilles – 3 months ago.

Funzione della confessione nella giustizia: And then there’s the word.