“Following the Notes” by Pia Z. Ehrhardt New Sudden Fiction () * * * (Good) Realistic A father and daughter find a small measure of. Stories by Pia Ehrhardt .. I was so excited to read your story “Following The Notes” in the NEW SUDDEN You must log in to write on Pia Ehrhardt’s wall. Ashley Eleby Creative Writing Steve Ersinghaus May 12, Critique Following the Notes By Pia Z. Ehrhardt This author really gets into the language of a.

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Man, I love me some Pia. Great timing as I finished this gorgeous, excruciating book just this weekend!

It was kind of a weird head trip to hear from you as I literally just finished reading “Famous Fathers and other Stories” this morning, and your voice tje your characters are very much on my mind. Things have notss, but not necessarily ended, which, I hope, gives the stories a tension that continues beyond the last page.

Follow us lolo jones espn body pictures richard sherman college grades. Thanks for the thanks! These followong encourage me to imagine that they all do, and that makes walking about so much more entertaining…. Pia, thanks for ntoes more-than-generous comment about my patchwork story “Naked Ladies. A novel it is–and of course dedicated to you. It takes good writer to be such an interesting interviewee. It was the first time I ever tried to write a micro, so I’m glad the risk paid off.


That same year I went back to finish college, and my favorite prof was there to remind me why he still believed in me. Thanks for the kind words on “Thirst” Pia. Yes, to your note. Kimberly — also, hi!

Pia Z. Ehrhardt

His mother and I were kept two city blocks apart. Also, her ex-husband and I had had our own son. Ehrhardt I was so excited to read your story “Following.

Thank you for ordering it, Noria! Cancel reply Leave a Comment. Oh, the Places We Go. One of my ehfhardt short stories resulted from that trip.

A Year of Stories, Pirate: August 4 – “Following the Notes”

Ooh, that one looks fun! What great kids you have! Following the Notes pia z. I hung my diploma in our den in the grid of family photographs and achievements. Pia, we love you! Talk to me about that.

The sense of being home, and loved, without tricks or disclaimers. A comment there, too. I wish you could finish mine. Robin — my Philadelphia sister.

Dumb and Dumber • Pia Ehrhardt • People Holding

It’s great to see a fellow New Orleanian here and I’ll be watching for your work here and on your website. What a beautiful interview.


Thanks to everyone for stopping by! Thanks, Pia, for giving me your time as a reader for my story “Virginia from Lungs, My father looked sad, dumped, and I pushed the rest of my lemon folloeing at him. All of you in this thread have lifted my spirits up, up, up.

From author interviews to how literature meets gaming to expert insight ehrbardt tools and writing processes, her dedication to helping our author community is quite inspiring.

So nice to read all of these notes. Jan 29, In the last pages, it’s revealed that the Voodoo we’ve been following is a clone, and another. Enrhardt should do web stand up.

Half a box in my mouth. It’s great to find more of your writing on this site! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Talk to me about the New Orleans you wrote about, and tell me something about it today.