The optional comment is not displayed, but can be useful for internal documentation or script parsing of menu files. [nop] (label). Insert a non- operational. Fluxbox provides a number of window management features such as tabbing All Fluxbox configuration is stored in plaintext files, however some . Content is available under GNU Free Documentation License or later. Some information on the Fluxbox window manager. Contents Fluxbox themes; Debian-based Fluxbox Distros . Fluxbox documentation.

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Slit The slit is a special window frame that can contain dockable applications, e. To handle the authorizations towards these operations, polkit formerly known as policykit can be used. In addition to specifying the font-family and the font-weight via the supported font-rendering-engine eg, Xftfluxbox 1 supports some effects: Customization is important to with Fluxbox, but you will not see over bloated dialog boxes, but simple text files, allowing you to change Fluxbox to suit your preferences.

Fluxbox is simply another program that runs on X Below you will find all of the configuration possibilities for the toolbar. This is a rather lengthy task, and can not be well covered in this article. This file helps Fluxbox keep track of the order of the dockapps that you want gluxbox. Colors, gradients, borders, and several other basic appearance attributes can be specified; fluxboox versions of Fluxbox support rounded corners and graphical elements.


There must be at least one of these tags in your menu to correspond to the required [begin] tag, and one for each [submenu]. Workspace 2 Mod1 F3: Dovumentation must be in. To get to the menu, simply right-click anywhere on the desktop. This inserts a menu item to set the wallpaper for each file in the given directory.

Fluxbox also has several features which blackbox lacks, including Tabbed Windows, a feature familiar from PWM, and configurable titlebar. The two windows will appear to merge into a single window, with two title tabs. To understand how the style mechanism works, it is nice to know a little about how X11 resources work. Of course this system-wide menu can be customized for all users at once, but it is also possible to create an individual menu file for each user.


The comand… field of the [exec] tag can take advantage of other environment variables if they are set before fluxbox is started. Now what makes fluxbox 1 so spectacular is its ability to render textures on the fly.

Fluxbox – Community Help Wiki

Whitespace is only required to delimit words, but it is fine to add more whitespace. Some Fluxgox, however, take on more functionality than just window management.

It has support for KDE and Gnome fluxbx. This page contains changes which are not marked for translation. Page History Login to edit. Creates a submenu entry with label that is also the title of the new submenuand inserts in that submenu all filenames in the specified directoryassuming that they are all valid style files directories are ignored in the same way as the [stylesdir] command does.

XDM To run Fluxbox from xdm you should setup a. Button 2 Un Maximize window vertically. Any open windows are reparented to the root window before fluxbox exits. Dock Apps Another nice feature is Fluxbox’s support for docking applications dockapps. Parses the file specified by filename inline with docuumentation current menu. Fluxbox is for the X Window System based on Blackbox and compatible with it. The default configuration file for Conky is rather weak, but more flxubox can be found by reading the man page or the Conky guide.

It includes icons and text, and it is easy to use.

This is much like [separator]but instead of a line, it inserts a label. The first is the root menu, which normally appears when you right-click on the desktop.

By tabbing the application with its corresponding terminal window, it is easy to flip back and forth from the doumentation output in the terminal to the application. Installing iDesk is as simple as:. In accordance with Fluxbox’s goal of simplicity, the main menu, the keyboard shortcuts and the basic configuration are all changed by editing text files.


Bevel2 is an alternative. This tells fluxbox to start parsing the menu file.

Fluxbox – Gentoo Wiki

All gradiented textures are composed of two color values: When applications are run in the slit they have no window borders of their own; instead they are framed in the slit, and they are always visible in the current workspace. With that all of the text will be rgb: As discussed above, fluxbox 1 allows you to configure its four main components: If you have problems installing fonts or getting them to work, you should read the docs page at xfree.

For these options, fluxbox 1 will call fbsetbg 1 to set the background. Submenus will expand if you simply mouse over them. Structural Tags [begin] title This tells fluxbox to start parsing the menu file.

You can also use fluxbox -i to confirm this location.

To set the shadow effect: Inserts a fluxbox native submenu item, containing numerous configuration options concerning window placement, focus style, window moving style, etc. Fluxbox does not come with a utility or program to draw icons to the desktop; everything is handled by keyboard shortcuts, or the right-click menu.

Its menu and configuration is done by simple files located in the user’s directory under the name.

Many WMs come with utilities to view pictures odcumentation in a directory. For example, the following command will setup Fluxbox to use truetype and vim-syntax:.