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With the aim of illustrating the weight of socio-cultural factors, Money reports the case of two homozygotic male twins. Although this is true for the majority, it is not a universal principle.

Hormone Therapy Endocrinological therapy is continuous and its purpose is to induce feminization or masculinization as well as the suppression of the undesired characteristics of genetical sex secondary sexual characteristics. Appendix A In boys, cross-gender identification is manifest by a strong preoccupation with typically feminine activities.


All the answers must be written in Leia mais. A transsexual person may have a heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or even asexual, orientation.

Beyond transvestism, the majority of individuals with this condition do not refer a childhood history of cross gender behaviours. Gender identity is determined before the end of the second year and its development seems to occur in two timings: Adverse environmental factors that would harm the boy s identification with the paternal figure, during infancy. And to my patients without their cooperation this work would never be possible.

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Sorensen and Hertoft emphasise TS as pathology of character. Thus, transsexuality is an extremely profound aspect of depersonalization, although limited espirjtismo to the infraction of exterior reality.

The way she deals with the. Other Behavioural States Confused with Transsexuality There are other states in the human condition, of very diverse nature, but, nevertheless, often confused with transexuality. Private clinic sinceboth as a Clinical Psychologist, and a Clinical Sexologist. Pedro de Freitas, to whom I owe the conceptualization of this project since the very first moment an unconditional acknowledgement for his orientation throughout this path, generously sharing his experience for his trust in me and for the continuous support and motivation and also for the security and endless availability, it s remarkable!


Anatomical differences allow for conflicts amongst boys, wherein the discovery of the creature without penis brings them nearer to the reality of the castration threat; in girls, the observing of the real penis accentuates its absence and consequent growth in jealousy.

The relevance attributed to the association of social learning with cognitive aspects, according to the aforementioned author, does not lead to the forging of the dichotomy biological vs. As melhores piadas de todos os tempos Portuguese Edition Click here if your download doesn”t start automatically As melhores piadas de todos os tempos Portuguese Edition As melhores piadas.

Their imaginary heroes are frequently powerful male figures, such as Batman or Superman. From the beginning of the 90 s there has been considerable expansion on research of the biological mechanisms subjacent to psychossomal differentiation. In adolescents, the clinical picture may be similar to the adult s, or to the child s, depending very much on the person s own level of development. For Money causality in GID subdivides into genetic, pre-natal hormonal, post-natal social and post-puberty hormonal determinants, suggesting, there is no single cause for role identity nature in itself is not responsible, as neither is education or learning, singly.

After defining the concept of transexuality and its diagnostic criteria, other behavioral patterns frequently confused with transexuality are discussed. Adults with GID are preoccupied with their desire to live as members of the opposite sex, which may be manifest by the intense need to adopt the other sex s social role and to change their appearance via hormonal and surgical procedures.

Further on the phenomenology of transexuality is discussed, characterizing masculinity and feminity in their evolutionary forms, and, in parallel, according to various theoretical assumptions. This latter conception seems more in consonance with the semiological variety encountered and also with the concepts of primary and secondary TS.

Using the two types of narcissistic characters described by Reich, the authors categorize male TS with a passive-feminine structure, and female TS with a phallic-narcissistic structure.

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Guia Colorido Para Diagnostico Leia mais. Thus, individual counseling is a fundamental need during the various phases of sex reassignment and should be boosted once the process has ended.


Non conformity with typical gender role. Some have been shown to be incorrect, whilst. The diagnosis is not made if the individual presents, simultaneously, a condition of physical intersex e.

There is little evidence to suggest that prenatal hormones play an important role on that level Meyer – Bahlburg,since the great majority of these individuals are biologically normal. Again Dorner in 88, after examining the brain of human foetuses, demonstrated the existence of a critical period of neural sexual differentiation n humans directly recognisable at least in the pre-optic region of the hypothalamus that occurs and is complete between the fourth and the seventh month of gestation.

Starting with recent research in the areas of animal behavior and evolution as well as genetic and brain dimorphism as yet more has left the land of hypothesis Saadeh, Initially a prospective and descriptive study of a group of transsexuals at the Moment of Clinical Evaluation, and a posterior comparative study, with the same group of transsexuals, before and after SRS, using a non-randomized sample of twenty two individuals with the diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder.

In True Hermaphoditism the individual presents at least one morphological contradiction, wherein gonadal tissue and the genitals are either discordant or opposing, as both female and male tissue are present, with XX or XY showing up in the chromatin. In infancy it manifests itself in cross-sex behaviors and acquiring the conviction at puberty or a little later, of not being a girl, or a boy, like the others.

A boy s feminine behaviour is based on the notion I know that I have a male sex, but in reality I am a girl, pointing to two different processes that of gender behaviour and gender identity awareness of, which will never be distinguished from each other, or voiced.

Towels, aprons or scarves are frequently used to represent long hair, or skirts.