Ensoniq DP4 Audio Effects Processor. There were four ESP DSP chips* designed into this unit, which means four distinct channels of processing. The Ensoniq DP4 is a unique multi-effects processor, capable of processing up to four stereo effects at once. It’s got all sorts of different effects in this digital unit. Find great deals for Ensoniq Dp4 Parallel Effects Processor Item. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Thanks and all my love to you beautiful ensniq. Especially we can choose absolutely any of paramtres Note that in addition to control change can we control the effects of the VLOC a keyboard, the note, aftertouch The space was based on a number of algorithms from the eclipse as well as other eventide boxes. You can configure it in lots of different ways 2×2, 1×3, 4×1, 1×4, etc. The delays, reverbs and modulation effects are great and the routing ability is superb, if not slightly confusing until you get used to it.

The DP4 is a great mixing tool for effects, especially if you want multiple effects at once. Subscribe to ensoni free newsletter Subscribe.

Pbut mostly on the advice of users that I trust. The eventide is lovely, very hifi, better midi and is only 1u The cp4 and other treatments on the dynamics, I have not yet tested properly, so I can not really give an objective opinion I just threw a synth bass turns without touching the compression settings.


Did you find this review helpful? Flangers and other modulations are also a creamy creme brulee ramekin of compet ‘reverb tails are not static and not chemical masses but still a little but nonlinear reverbs can be daunting I guess in “design”.

There may be some differences, but I’m not aware of any major ones. The programming language we developed for the unit is a model of elegance and power. The stompboxes are great but ensonia soon as you buy more than one I think you’re much better off grabbing ensonniq eclipse. I know a lot of people use them, and I see them in studios a lot, but what do you all think about them.

Ensoniq DP4 Audio Effects Processor, Dattorro

Certainly the individual “units” are mostly very use-able. It’s got all sorts of different effects in this digital unit. While I generally use analog hardware or plug-ins for effects like this, having the DP4 around is great because it borrows from the best of both worlds.

It can be used as a standard processor and confined to an auxiliary table mix using presets, but it’s a shame, it’s enough to look for new sounds with the processor I’ve never seen a manual for the DP4, so I can’t speak about it’s make up. Definitely a little noisy, but thats part of the charm of it. The biggest concern for both the speed of the module that is not expressed in ms, so it’s ear.

Ensoniq Dp/4 Parallel Effects Processor 4 Channel Studio Unit Dp4 Plus

About 15, of these units were shipped since its introduction in Mike Arnao wrote a beautiful symbolic assembler ; he made programming the unit a real joy. If you’re interested in hearing what nesoniq sounds like listen to sheet one, musik and recylced plastik Which could be an Eventide equivalent to you?


Smith of Aviom Inc. Write a user review Ask for a user review.

But it is logically organized trs and navigation is simple plutt. All possibility of chaining and routing is amazing, it must be out sick stuff if you want, noise level. This is good, yet another fawn playing with effects. My favorite digi effect for sure. It’s a digital effects processor, so sometimes the effects can sound a bit ‘digital’ and stale, but most of the time I’m able to get a pretty warm sound out of this considering that it is digital.

Brought you two for the price by seeking a minimum. We are talking about a great many versatile machine. In terms of useful and not so useful effects well I guess it’s what you like.

All in all one of my favorite effects units. I love the dp4. However, if you’re looking to get a palette of sounds within a single unit, the DP4 isn’t a bad way to go. I’m definitely more sold on one now.

I use it constantly.