Diagnosis. In most cases, doctors can diagnose Dupuytren’s contracture by the look and feel of your hands. Other tests are rarely necessary. TERMIUM® is the Government of Canada’s terminology and linguistic data bank. La enfermedad de Dupuytren es causa de incapacidad funcional secundaria a fibrosis de la fascia palmar y contractura en flexión de los dedos, con la.

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Dupuytren’s contracture

Journal of the British Society for Surgery of the Hand. Several alternate therapies such as vitamin E treatment, have been studied, although without control groups.

En el estudio de Badalamente y col. Gradual onset in males over 50 [2]. See Wikipedia’s guide to writing better articles for suggestions.

La Contractura de Dupuytren | Urology Surgery Center of Colorado

A lump in the palm does not mean that treatment is required or that the disease will progress. We show our experience in the treatment of the disease, by conyractura collagenase in 15 patients as a non-surgical option.

Ligamentopathy Ligamentous laxity Hypermobility. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For more severe cases, various treatment options are available to straighten the finger s. Most doctors do not value those treatments. Recurrence rates are high. We are always trying to improve our search, if you are having any trouble with search please refer to our survey here and we will use your comments to improve our search.


Before the aponeurotomy, a liposuction is done to the abdomen and ipsilateral flank to collect the lipograft. In some severe cases, especially if surgery has failed to correct the problem, surgeons remove all the tissue dupuyhren to be affected by Dupuytren’s contracture, including the attached skin.

Minimally invasive therapies may precede higher recurrence rates. Annales de Chirurgie de la Main in Spanish.

Dupuytren’s contracture Plantar fibromatosis Aggressive fibromatosis Knuckle pads. The skin is opened with small curved incisions over the diseased tissue. Some people have only small lumps or cords while others will develop severely bent fingers. FAQ Frequently asked questions Display options. El fascia es un tejido firme que descansa justo debajo de la piel. Coughing after quitting smoking: Request an Appointment at Mayo Clinic. This section needs additional citations for verification.

Place a question mark search term? Dupuytren’s most often occurs in males over the age of Las causa exactas son desconocidas. Diagnosis In most cases, doctors can diagnose Dupuytren’s contracture by the look and feel of your hands. However, it is also used at other stages. Cited disadvantages include joint stiffness, prolonged pain, discomfort, [58] subsequently reduced function and edema.


This technique uses a needle, inserted through your skin, to puncture and break the cord of tissue that’s contracting a finger. Recientemente Peimer y col. In most cases the graft is taken from the antecubital fossa the crease of skin at the elbow joint or the inner side of the upper arm. The New York Times. The graft is sutured to the skin surrounding the wound. In Dupuytren’s contracture, the palmar fascia within the hand becomes abnormally thick, which can cause the fingers to curl and can impair finger function.

Hand therapy is often recommended. These cords may cause bending of the fingers. La contractura de Dupuytren es un engrosamiento de la fascia de la palma de la mano.

Treatment involves removing or breaking apart the cords that are pulling your fingers toward your palm. The disease tends to be more severe if it occurs at an earlier age.

Dupuytren’s Contracture

Postoperative care involves hand therapy and splinting. Language Portal of Canada Access a collection of Canadian resources on all aspects of English and French, including quizzes. Plantar Nodular Necrotizing Eosinophilic.