Captured by the Light has 83 ratings and 8 reviews. David Ziser brings his no- nonsense, straight-to-the-point teaching style to a book that totally rewrites the. You will learn 10 amazing new ways to use “exciting lighting” to create dramatic images! 10 of the best lens choices and camera settings to produce strikingly. I figured it was only fair enough I added a review of Captured By The Light by David A. Ziser into the small stack of book reviews at Photography.

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It should be a blast!

David Ziser’s Captured by the Light Tour

It should be a photographer’s paradise. Happy New Year Everybody, I hope everyone had a fantasticwonderful holiday season, and a great welcome to our brand new year – Next, where should we view the eclipse? This groundbreaking new book is the first of its kind to focus on the exact areas captyred wedding photographers have been begging a top pro like David to cover, including how to create professional quality light and beautiful images in every situation, how to compose wedding images that capturer, and how to create amazing images in the limited time and at the fast pace of a wedding.

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Ianh rated it really liked it Apr 06, Check out the Angkor Wat sunrise below. Camera Exposure and Shooting Details Before I leave let me give you a few details about how I handled the shooting session.

Check out my favorite below. Because I was hand-holding for all of these images most of my images were taken at the higher shutter speeds but mostly wide open at F6.


Heading Down the Road We were up and packing about 4: He knows the problems and challenges today’s wedding photographers face, and that’s exactly what he covers in this book. We were nearly to the on ramp for I when Google Maps alerted us of a 22 minute delay just to progress onto the zieer – more darn construction – the upside – as we crawled along caputred passed a awe inspiring field of sunflowers.

One will go to Zambia [ link ] and the other to Namibia [ link ], both locations are home to utterly beautiful scenery, interesting history, and amazing African culture.

Captured by the Light: The Essential Guide to Creating Extraordinary Wedding Photography

For a book published in thethe style of photography is somewhat outdated and while I agree that portraiture is important and needs to continue to find a place in wedding photography, no matter how photojournalistic the trends move toward, the images he chooses to share seem It sure was exciting! The image of the cute little meerkat again verified the sharpness of the lens. This image of this rhino was also shot nearly maxed out at mm F6.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I had just picked up Sigma’s new mm Contemporary lens which I just previously blogged about here on my blog [ link ].

Lists with This Book. Check out the next image — you will see them quite clearly in the cropped image.

First, The Back Story About 6 weeks ago news about the first Solar eclipse to cross the US in years was really starting to intrigue me. She managed a very nice collection of sunflower images in our 15 minute drive by.


Not a bad read either. I’ve got three things I want to share with you dqvid this quick newsletter. If you are interested please drop and email to me at david ziser. We had to deal with the drama of cloud cover two times but all worked out perfectly.

Digital ProTalk

Cheers, David Posted by David Ziser at 5: Be the first to ask a question about Captured by the Light. James rated it really liked it Jan 14, But alarmingly clouds began to float in over the sun — horrors of horrors — were we going to miss the eclipse!!!??? He covers thw aspect of what today’s brides capyured wedding couples want from a wedding photographer, including poses that work every time and can’t-miss lighting setups you can use again and again, and everything is laid out in a brilliant step-by-step method that makes learning these techniques so easy, you’ll be able to pull off these same looks yourself without spending thousands on expensive equipment.

Earlier this Spring, in preparation for our upcoming African Photo Safari I contacted my friends up at Sigma and asked if I could test-drive one of their longer telephoto zoom lens.