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Canosan pyxis without lid, the body with traces of paint.


Photometric solid Spatial representation of the light intensity radiated by any lighting body. Launch the Artemide app. Diaphragm Element modulating the amount of luminous flux passing through an optic system. Milano Via Manzoni 12, Milano Tel. Luminous intensity Photometric value expressing the lighting power of a source for solid angle unit. Light guide Transparent optical element transporting light by means of TIR effect, artemidd.

Incandescent source Lamp in which the light is produced using an element brought to incandescence by the passage of electric current, which emits radiation in the visible range.

Connector Connecting element between two components of a system. The transfer can be made replicating the image such as in cinema projectors imaging optic or without replicating the image such as in the illuminators non imaging optic R Radiant energy Energy emitted, transferred or received as radiation. Power supply A power supply is an electrical device that changes the output electrical tension from AC alternate to DC continuous.


Cable max height diffusers: Angular width of the space in which an object can be when the observer looks at an object directly in front of him. It is sensitive to ultraviolet light, which is why it is often treated with paint that can filter the rays.

Fresnel lens Element allowing construction of large optics and small focal distance without the obstruction, the thickness and the weight of the material used to produce a spheric conventional lens of equivalent diottric power.

Contrast Subjective adjustment of the difference in appearance of two parts of a visual field observed simultaneously or in succession. Light Portion of electromagnetic waves spectrum that are visible to the human eye. Branch of physics studying the measurement of photometric values.

Class II electrical devices: Chicago, IL N. This occurs because the index of refraction of a given material is a function of wavelength and therefore different colours different wavelengths are refracted at different angles. Sensitivity Quotient between the response Y of a detector and its excitation X. Cable max height Mouette asimmetrica: Gnathian ware miniature olpe. Being black, it is neither reflecting nor transmitting any energy.

Antiquities 2

The knobbed lid decorated with three stylized female heads, palmettes between. Diffuser Optical element, transparent or opaque, able to diffuse its incident light rays catzlogo the surrounding space. Asymmetric lens shield tube Accessory located in front of a projector, able to cut unrequired, dazzling light rays that can cause glare.


Power The power is defined as the work W performed in a unit of time t. The device is operated either by a battery or by a SELV transformer. aremide

West Hollywood, CA Tel. Retroreflector Optical device designed to deflect the rays that fall on it towards the source of the light.

Visible radiation Optical radiation that directly causes a visual sensation. Axial intensity Light intensity emitted by any lighting device along its main axis. Transformer Electrical device used to transform input and output electrical power parameters tension, current intensitymaintaining constant electrical power.


Scotopic vision Vision that occurs when the eye adapts to luminance levels less than a few hundredths of a candela per square metre; the rods are considered the main active components of the eye in this condition. Refraction Physical phenomenon that occurs when a ray of light projects onto a border between two mediums with a different refraction index cata,ogo with two different densities.

A DMX cable is made up of at least three poles for the transmission of signals.