Transformer oil, a type of insulating and cooling oil used in transformers and other electrical typically 5 repetitions, depending on the standard. As a result the breakdown voltage is calculated as mean value of the individual measurements. Low value of BDV indicates presence of moisture content and conducting substances in the oil. For measuring BDV of transformer oil, portable. In this article, I will discuss transformer oil sample tests other than dissolved gas analysis (DGA). Lower values are indicative of damp or dirty oil. Moisture.

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New York, NY [u. Testing sequences and procedures are defined by various international standards, many of them set by ASTM. But while in operation if Is Synchronous check relay system for two power transformers compatible to falue used to make synchronizing between power transformer and generator?

Transformer Insulating Oil and Types of Transformer Oil

In addition to these, this oil serves other two purposes, it helps to preserve the core and winding as these are fully immersed inside va,ue, and another important purpose of this oil is, it prevents direct contact of atmospheric oxygen with cellulose made paper insulation of windings, which is susceptible to oxidation.

Irrelevant to Specialties or not an answer. Upvote 1 Downvote Reply 1 Report. Hence it does not obstruct convection circulation of the oil, means it does not disturb the transformer cooling system.


But in the case of Paraffin oil transformed oxidation rate is lower than that of Naphtha oil the oxidation product or sludge is insoluble and precipitated at the bottom of the tank and obstruct the transformer cooling system. So both resistivity test and tan delta test of transformer oil are generally not required for the same piece of the insulator or insulating oil.

This process begins the process of oil breakdown. Paraffin-based oil has a higher value tranxformer pour point, compared to Naphtha based oil, but in India like country, it does not affect the use of Paraffin oil due to its warm climate condition.

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But oxidation product, i. The dielectric strength of transformer oil is mainly determined by the presence of acids, water, and other contaminates. This is because it tends to deteriorate over time. Through such testing, transformers’ life can be substantially increased, thus delaying new investment of replacement transformer assets.

Minimum breakdown voltage of transformer oil or dielectric strength of transformer oil at which this oil can safely be used in transformer, is considered as 30 KV. Electrical power equipment maintenance and testing.

Transformer oil testing – Wikipedia

We measure the water content in oil as ppm parts per million unit. Please make sure that your answer is written in the same language as the question. There can be an even more dramatic reduction of dielectric strength when the oil becomes contaminated by other impurities other than water such as acids and particulate matter.

  LEI 11775 PDF

Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references. Flashpoint is important because it specifies the chances of transformerr hazard in the transformer. Why do we need to do oil analysis for oil immersed power transformers?

Transformer oil, a type of insulating and cooling oil used in transformers and other electrical equipment, needs to be tested periodically to ensure that it is still fit for purpose. This article needs additional citations for verification.

If the resistivity of the insulating oil gets decreased, the value of tan-delta increases and vice verse. Learn how your comment trqnsformer is processed. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

Dielectric Strength of Transformer Insulating Oil

Do you need help in adding the right keywords to your CV? If the oil temperature falls below the pour point, transformer oil stops convection flowing and obstruct cooling in a transformer. Thus the temperature of the oil at the time of taking a sample for the test is critical. The specific resistance of oil is a measure of DC resistance between two opposite sides of one cm 3 block of oil.

Transformer oil serves mainly two purposes one it is liquid insulation in electrical power transformer and two it dissipates heat of the transformer e.