For Arx Fatalis on the PC, GameFAQs has 2 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs). Universal Hint System hints for Arx Fatalis. The UHS shows you just the hints you need, unlike a traditional walkthrough. RPGDot’s Guide to Arx Fatalis Installation Guide – Arx Valdex Systems Secrets of the Smokies: A Savvy Traveler s Guide (The Savvy Traveler s Guide).

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So the next task is to find the rebels and the Krahoz.

Arx Fatalis – Walkthrough

Keep removing the hangings until you find a hidden switch should be located near the left side of the wall. When he starts to chase you, he moves very, VERY slow. Run inside, hit the switch on the wall. First off, use the Disarm Trap scroll which should’ve been retrieved when you unlocked the King Goblin’s Chest Drawer in his bedroom on the chest.

The other steps are redundant. He tells you to follow him. Share directly to my status. J ; get the key from the drawer near the lever and pull the latter.

You just interrupt Suiberis, who is just about to sacrifice a woman to Akbaa as you enter. Continue straight and keep going through a winding hall that turns you about 90 degrees. Search for any keys you can and use them on locked doors if possible. Use the lever, and go upstairs to the next level. At the city teleport, you also find out, that Maria, the dealer 5 is missing her daughter Shany — of course you promise to find her.

Armoury open with key from room Follow through the opening, and LEAP over the lava pit below. It must be closed for the puzzle to be solved. Place a different object in each room to identify them and use the globe to see which lever you have to pull next – it is a bit of running up and down to the globe after each lever.


Arx Fatalis – Walkthrough

I saved it from the bowels of the internet, but credits go to them. Since the mysterious ‘guardian’ can destroy a meteor with a simple touch, the King gives you a piece so that you can test out if the person truly is a Guardian. There’s a Gem Salesman in one of the shanties who will purchase gemstones for gold, and sell gems as well. Cut off his escape route. Next, go up the stairs and read the miner’s logbook, plus whatever else you can grab.

Do so, speak to him again when he stops at the entrance to the Goblin Kingdom. Level 8 – Crypt Level 5 In the tombs you find a glowing object each, which have to be put on the pillars around the grave 6 to open King Poxsellis grave.

Arx Fatalis Hints from UHS — Not Your Ordinary Walkthrough

Toss something on the ground as a distraction, and then violently attack the Goblin till he dies. Next go to level 4, room 10 and hide west of pillar; wait for the priests and follow them up to room 7 and kill them and free Shany.

Now, head back to where the starting door to the city is, and go to the left side. Run back rax the room with the dead creature, and then go back the hall you came from before. Instead, you need to run to the lava room 24 quicklyjump over the platforms to the exit fatalos make your way to the dwarven corpse 27which holds a key, a stone of power and dwarf meat. Attack the priests in the altar room, but be quick, else Shany will be sacrificed and you have to fight a demon also.


Hall of the Brave Be sure to take the resulting Koltk powder with you. You should start to travel down a narrow passageway. You walk to the castle immediately to talk to the King Lunshire and Felnor.

Secondly, Pickaxe all the graves you can find in the Crypt. Crossway to the Dwarf area You then have to fight a goblin guard 49 ; Kultar has managed to get here as well and helps you fighting the guard you can give him a weapon so he can do more damage against the Goblin ; after you have defeated him, you raid the supply room and take the piece of wood from the dead goblin to repair the lever and open the gate to the level exit. Press A to pick it up, then navigate with the control pad left and buideand press A to equip it once it’s selected.

Arx Fatalis FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PC – GameFAQs

fatals Talk to Polsius, and he’ll reveal that the goblins were secretly giving humans to the Akbaa Priests in order for sacrifices. A long time ago, according to legend, everyone lived in the fortress, aboveground. Alternately you can bribe the guards with gold pieces here, but money is still short at this time of your adventures.