of ARRI. If you find any problems in the documentation, please report ARRI ALEXA Studio camera with optical or ARRI EVF-1 electronic. At the pinnacle of the range is the ALEXA Studio, featuring a quiet, adjustable mirror shutter and an optical viewfinder that provides a real-time, high contrast. ARRI recommends that all users of the ALEXA read the manual in its .. Use of the mains unit is recommended for shooting in the studio and.

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Fan speed Speed of camera cooling fan in rotations per minute. An extra power-out on the video receiver, for example, permits a single on-board battery to power both the receiver and an attached handheld monitor.

Whether using this monitor or others, the modular system allows for a compact and efficient setup. Page Alternatively, reel name is used sometimes. The camera will block the usage of a user setup that has been created with a different SUP.

Color Camera Controls It can be used to attach any modern PL-mount lens to the camera. Surround mask If surround view is set to “On”, it must be separated from the recorded image area to allow proper framing.

Frame lines are a reference for framing that apexa consist of an image frame, a center mark and an aspect ratio reference. Page TC source forced to Sensor fps does not match Project fps. ALEXA night shot with false color active Cam ID Translation of the camera serial number to Base36, with an arrl prefix for 3D applications. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.



Camera Controls Compare mode Interleave creates an interlaced image from the live image and the loaded image. GATE Stops spinning mirror shutter.

The viewfinder image stays upright and correct left-to-right when the viewfinder is swivelled within the main axis. Page 11 About This Manual Figure 4: Since the ALEXA cameras have the same type of sensor and we used the same lenses, the aelxa was uniform, even though we used two different camera types. Power Outputs The camera has three power outputs for accessories, 2x 24 V and 1x 12 V.


Repairs must only be Camera has to be rebooted. HUGO could not have been achieved with any other camera system. The camera is in non-synced mode for regular use. Do not point the viewfinder eyepiece at direct sunlight or bright light sources, as this could damage atri LCOS imaging device.


Shutter Audio out level: You can use both traditional anamorphic lenses with a 2x squeeze factor like the ARRI Master Anamorphic lenses as well aleza anamorphic lenses with a 1. Page 79 It is recommended to directly format the card and not to postpone this action. User Setups Camera Controls Shudio mode Interleave creates an interlaced image from the live image and the loaded image. We shot the film in the remote city of Haikou which meant it would have been very hard to get another camera body if anything went wrong.

Due to a highly precise crystal oscillator in ALEXA, the internal counter will count accurately for 8 hours.


Page Camera Dimensions Appendix Figure ALEXA automatically determines the internal stuvio run time and matches audio and images so they are always in sync.


Arri amira documentary-style camera quick guide 57 pages. About This Manual Scope This instruction manual applies to the following hardware, software and firmware versions: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Find more information here.

If this error Reboot camera now! The first screen gives an overview of the color settings of all image paths of the camera. Page Reboot camera. Camera Controls Camera Controls The camera alfxa be controlled through three different interfaces: The viewfinder is attached to the mounting bracket by sliding the dove tail into the receptacle of the mounting bracket and then closing the lever on the viewfinder.

It is located on the camera back lower right. If error continues to occur, contact ARRI service. Got it, continue to print. Power Supply damage to the battery and unpredictable camera behavior.

Camera with CCH-1, side view Main Controls The High Speed mode is exited the same way it is loaded, by pressing the upper middle screen button of the FPS list screen.

The symmetrical design permits filming in any orientation, including upside-down and in portrait mode, while multiple accessory points enable highly creative mounting solutions. Not all V-Lock batteries deliver enough power to supply the camera. ARRI does not warrant that this document is error-free. I think ALEXA is the best system out there, with different camera models and recording options to choose from, all offering — to my eye — the highest image quality.