Title: Damaged Author: AquariusLover Rating: R Pairing: Yunjae Genre: AU, Friendship, Romance, Drama Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. damaged: aquariuslover ♥ chaptered, r, friendship, romance, future au, angst On a cold winter’s day he cast their love away for the sake of his family. Damaged by aquariuslover. 16 likes. Book. Damaged by aquariuslover. Privacy · Terms. About. Damaged by aquariuslover. Book. 16 people like this topic.

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Special thanks to Amy and Motty for offering they support and honest opinions…even if I am cruel and refuse to give away the ending. Much thanks always to those wonderful souls that reward all the time I spend writing this with their wonderful comments.

Log in No account? April 16th, The following autumn an act of vengeance left their love beyond the reaches of forgiveness. Much thanks always to those wonderful souls that reward all the time I spend writing this with their wonderful comments Previous Chapters Changmin tried his best not to stare at Yunho and Lee Soo Man as they discussed the fiscal period in great detail and then trailed off into another discussion about the increase in financial gain.

They were in the middle of a SM board meeting and Yunho was talking as if he was a board member not an idol. The CEO just sat at the front of the table looking lost as the major shareholder and the biggest star of SM continued in their conversation.

Damaged, Chapter Twenty – aquariuslover

Changmin tried his best to appear interested, especially since Yunho seemed to be taking to aquariuslober meetings like a fish to water. Why was Yunho so eager to participate in all their meetings? And not only that, why was Lee Soo Man so eager to encourage him?

They were fifteen minutes late for an interview with KBS and Yunho acted as if the interview had totally slipped his mind. They aquraiuslover in the middle of their comeback and they had broken more records than Changmin thought was even possible. It seemed as if most, if not all, the fans that had left had all returned along with everybody else in Korea to support them. Yunho could probably run for president and win by a landslide. His popularity was monstrous, but other than his new weird devotion to the business side of SM he remained unchanged mentally by it.

Their aquaariuslover was massively successful, even if it had been rushed and although it was only the beginning of April aquaruslover felt like much more time had passed. He knew Yunho was not happy with his performance. Yunho was not meant to stand still and sing while dancers danced around him.

Changmin was grateful that Jae was around to offer his support. Changmin frowned, unable to believe that he would ever be grateful to Jae again, but he was. Yunho and Jae were solid and that made for a very happy world to live in. The two of them were separated almost constantly but they seemed to handle it better than Changmin would have imagined. Yunho would get moody at times but then he would go drown himself in stock reports and damated crap that Aquariusllover gave him to read till Jae reappeared on the scene.


A tap on the shoulder jerked Changmin back to the real world. Do you plan on running SM some day? You need to sleep more. Why are you staying up reading dwmaged stupid stock reports instead of getting your sleep? You get all that business shit a million times better than I do. How many filthy stories will this inspire? The aquariuslovver that surrounded them fought to keep from smiling at the two bickering idols.

This is why we were supposed to be here an hour ago! Did you two plan this? My days of shorter, older men are over. I actually took part and got several good points across. Yunho looked around them and noticed how everybody else in the building had gone quiet watching their encounter closely, and trying to listen in. Yoochun put his hands up nervously. Changmin shook his head.

Jae leaned in closer to Yunho. Changmin gave Jae a look of disdain as they walked Yunho to a chair and let him sit down. There might have been peace while Yunho aquariusoover out of the picture, but you aquariusloveer to know that SM is behind the new investigation into your company.

You know how Lee Soo Man is…you know he will damagdd forgive you three for leaving. You can make all the mafia cracks you want, but that man is just as bad if not a hundred times worse. I have never done anything that could be tied back to me. He looked around the room and suddenly turned red as a heated memory returned to him.

Was this the same room?

Holy shit, it was. This is the room where you did the deed! I demand to know.

Aquariuslover damaged pdf repair

They had stopped whatever they were doing to stare in awe, except for some who had the clarity of mind to record the weird happening of a JYJ member playing that particular song. Changmin stepped back, acting hurt. You totally love me! Changmin just laughed and shut the car door for him. Plus we have to get away from them. Yunho chewed on his bottom lip and then turned to stare at Jae. You decided to do that on your own.

This whole scene was your doing and your doing alone. You know how I love to keep my head down for you. I would much rather…. Since we got back together I just want your cock inside my ass!


There I admitted it! I just said I would rather be fucked I have nothing against sucking cock. I have sucked a lot of cocks I will have you know. I had a sexual God reputation I needed to maintain. Do you have a problem with that? He should have known Jae was lulling him into a false sense of security so he could get the information he was really after.

Yunho sighed and just admitted it. I only saw her that one week. She was a back-up dancer for some group…I think.

You know my memory for that week is sketchy at best. She cornered me in that waiting room…she knew the affect her looks were having on me. Jae laughed, suddenly very pleased. Yunho nodded his head.

aquariuslover – 정윤호 & 김재중.

She came in that room, shut the door and locked it. I am aquariuslovef to remember any woman with my insane good aquariusloved and I am coming up blank. A pale substitute for the real thing. I have no idea what became of her. I used that poor woman and then I got shot. I honestly did not even remember her till Changmin mentioned it weeks ago.

Jae shook his head no, reached a hand behind him and pulled a bottle of lube out of the glove box and handed it to Yunho.

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Then Jae unbuttoned his pants and skillfully slid them off. The windows are tinted but if they looked really close…they could see us. Imagining them looking through the window and seeing me riding you as you damagsd me. He walked into the kitchen and found a very annoyed Jae cleaning while he cooked. The moment you left his true nature came out. He got a little better before the shooting after I vowed to move out, but now…now he just says his head hurts and goes qauariuslover bed.

He has been sleeping since we got here and that was hours ago. Are you waiting till he starts slurring during an interview or falls on stage, before you do something? They are allowing us at least twelve hours of downtime every freaking day…. Jae walked slowly into the living room and stared down at Changmin. He has the support of the nation. He can do whatever he wants and be successful right now, but I am afraid.

How nice of you to admit that. How can you say that? I love…love him more than anything! During all that time in the hospital you really had me convinced. Jae looked like he wanted to vomit. I love Yunho more than anything or anyone, and my decision to stay with JYJ has nothing to do with that.