When TEMPO MODE is set to MANUAL, this field allows you to set the tempo. .. Owners of the Akai EWI wind synthesiser will find this function. Documents, presets, manuals Akai S – Audiofanzine. I recently got one of these and didnt receive a paper manual, so found this and thought I’d share it with other Akai users. Hope it helps someone.

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However, please note that stronger phase effects are created with the Manjal parameter set to low values. The currently active multi is highlighted.

Deleting Items From Disk Set Play Key This is normal and is not a fault with the S The higher the positive number, the earlier in the sample playback will start relative to the key velocity i. Here you may tune each semitone.

AKAI S6000 Manuals

Very easy to edit, big screen, you can even plug ps2 keyboard. Here you may rename, copy, delete and otherwise manage your samples. How Does It Work If you load a multi that contains programs that use virtual samples, they will load as you would expect and maanual saved. Successfully upgarded my SV2 from OS2.

Pressing this will pop-up a prompt and you have the option to expand the currently selected multi to or parts or to cancel.

You see its name and the folder it will be saved to.

However, there may only be a handful of programs you need to change within a multi using MIDI program change. Problems importing other formats to Akai S For example, if, in the above screen shot, you wanted to balance the levels for Parts 6, 7, 8, etc.

Other Media Files : Akai S6000

If the sample in the selected zone is stereo, this parameter works as a balance control. Removable Panel s Only S Front Panel Both models feature a large x LCD graphic display, with eight dedicated function keys running down both sides of the screen — placing 16 of the most commonly used programming functions at the user’s fingertips.


Try not to use too much force. Resonance increases the intensity of the peak. Switching The S On this is good practice when turning the S off as well. Appendix B The S has a switch on the rear panel that allows you to switch termination on or off very conveniently. Timestretch Timestretch allows you to alter the length of a sample, shortening it or lengthening it, without changing its pitch. If, however, the sampler is playing back virtual samples at the same time as recording you may experience problems if the disk bandwidth is exceeded.


S Rear Panel S only. We will look at these in turn.

For normal playback, you would normally set a zone to have a velocity range of Reads Akai S and S series sound library. The cutoff control sets the point of attenuation whilst resonance simultaneously increases the depth of the notch and narrows its width. Renaming Items On Disk Imagine we want to add a new sound to Part 7 in our existing multi. Memory Test This test skai mostly for service engineers for mamual purposes but you may find it useful to check how much memory is in your S especially if you have just installed some SIMMs and want to check they are correctly seated and recognised by the system.

How Does It Work or less if every one was transposed an octave. Here, a disk containing S sound library has been taken to a Mac and opened on the desktop. Recording Virtual Samples The parameters for both gated reverb types are identical: The S samples at The S does not have this option and so sounds that rely on the second filter will not sound the same when loaded into the S in much the same way as the same sounds loaded into an S without the IBF installed.

Power requirements for electrical equipment vary from area to area.

By saving to FlashROM, your sampler will boot with your settings every time. Page DAT or other stereo digital recorders which record at 0dB and playback at 0dB, the S records at 0dB but has to play many voices simultaneously the other recorders only need to play exactly what they recorded.


Page S t a r t 15 samples The S takes care of this automatically and leaves 15 samples between the two end points but WAVs that have been edited on another system so that the sample end maunal the loop end are the same or where the sample end is less than 15 samples away from the loop end may exhibit random clicks in the loop when transposed. Quicksave programs or as little as one and each multi may contain a different combination of programs. On the S we have four velocity zones that allow us to use playing technique to switch between these different samples so that you could, for example, use velocity to switch between a slow legato viola and an aggressively bowed viola.

If it does, it will automatically load its contents including the contents of any sub-folders as normal. Part Level Window As a result, the concept of effects files does not exist on the S and S and old effects files from the S, S and XL series cannot be used in the S Enter text from picture: All rights are reserved.

At the far manuall of the meters is a small box that indicates clipping. Installing Extra Memory to Service Technicians RESONANCE Manuwl allows you to sharpen the point at the cutoff frequency thereby emphasising the harmonics at that point in some way the exact effect depends on the type of filter selected. Effects Send Window It accepts scsi removable drives and hard disks.