View and Download Akai S Series operator’s manual online. S Series Recording Equipment pdf manual download. View and Download Akai S manual online. S Recording Equipment pdf manual download. Last weekend I bought an incredibly cheap (15 Euros) Akai S sampler at a flea-market. Unfortunately it does not turn on, as it keeps.

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The reverb sounds too good: The S presents you with a graphic display of each envelope’s shape, and while you still have to alter numeric ADSR parameters rather than “drag” the shape around as you do in much mouse-based computer software, it’s a useful feature nonetheless. F3 REC2 – this is the window to the actual sampling process, where you set levels. To my mind, having so many loops presents more interesting possibilities for looping rhythms than for looping segments of instrumental sounds.

This sampler still amazes me: Akai’s great sampler of the late eighties! It produces even more hi-tones from lo-fi saturated sample.

Akai S | Vintage Synth Explorer

Page 66 Sampler functions remain at the constant pitch of the edited sample, no matter what key manuxl pressed, This can be useful if you want to add a constant pitch percussion sound to a pitched instrument, maunal instance.

Previous Article in this issue Information Technology. If you value this resource, you can support this project – it really helps! The S is capable of playing up to sixteen notes samples at one time.

However, on the sound front I must point out that our review model exhibited an annoying continuous background whine which most definitely shouldn’t be present on a high-end professional instrument such as this. How do you wish to initiate the sampling process? Part 1 Part 2 Part 3. Janne February majual, Reply.


Akai S / S – Martincom

Page 19 Introduction Volume As well as being the output level from the S, volume has another meaning a collection of programs, samples and drum settings which can be stored together on a diskette, on a hard disk or akqi memory. This was very expensive, so because of economy reasons this was the last sampler with such beautiful sound. Provision for software updates is a requisite feature of any sampler nowadays. To put it another way, a Program is a map of samples across the keyboard, and Keygroups are the means to create the map.

Page 69 Sampler functions The next parameter allows you to set the overall volume of the program 00 to 99 relative to any other programs being played.

Minus points are the absence of SysEx and other MIDI information – Akai are really rather naughty about this – and the absence of an index yet x1000. It tires to reproduce lost tones! Additionally S is faster and it has louder outputs due to 20bit converters while samples are still 16bit.

These particular four cards were taken from an Akai SPB. You have been warned.

Introduction As the colours of the wires in the flex may not correspond to the colour markings in your plug, make sure that wires are akzi in the following way.

When comparing sound from computer programs to this beast, difference is huge! Can i modify x1000 S floppy to work with it?! I bought an S and had running for maybe akau times neither sampling or doing anything nearly challenging for the machine… The second time I started it, the machine couldnt load anymore floppys.


Update 17 Dec Additionally, the first line also allows you to specify the keyspan of this sample. Now is a good time to connect your sample source. Im so sad about all this… do you have any advice what i could do?

Akai S1000 Series Operator’s Manual

But your Akai S plays it better without additional tweaking! Firstly, is the new sample mono or stereo? Once all that is done, you are ready to move on to REC2. Repeat mnaual process again using another new disk, and if all else fails, call your AKAI dealer. Akaimanualsampler. All ports and interfaces are working and the LCD screen is also ok.

I know that s reverb is much better: Page 71 Sampler functions The depth of the pitch modulation LFO can be affected by three real-time performance parameters: When the S is reading or writing a disk “accessing”an LED on the disk drive will show this.

Akai S1000 / S1100

Sign In Manua, Up. Comes with original owners manual and paperwork and power cable. One feature of extreme importance to S owners who want to upgrade to the S or even to aai an S and S alongside one another is the new sampler’s ability to load S samples and translate them into its own format.

I wondered what secret is behind this sampler, and i ask uncle google what special this piece of old hardware has.

Also it overheated i think some noise appeared after few minutes. Making the Most of your Akai