Honda Accord Coupe Owners Manuals · Honda Accord Coupe Owners Manuals · Honda Accord Coupe Owners Manuals · Honda Accord. Download your free PDF file of the honda accord coupe on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. Honda Accord Coupe Owners Manual [Honda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Factory Original Owners Manual, also referred to as .

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It varies based on driving conditions, driving habits and vehicle condition. Press and release the Talk axcord. Also See for Accord Repair manual – pages Service manual – pages Owner’s manual – pages. Turn Signal and Hazard Jump Starting Park the vehicle, and set the Reach in between the hood and parking brake.

You have no vehicle information saved in your Honda Owners account. Dust and Pollen Filter Technical Information mxnual specifications, tires, emissions controls mznual, service Information Summary fluid capacities tire pressuresproper use and care your vehicle’s, how to operate climate control. Main Menu Table Of Contents Emissions Testing Testing of Readiness Codes If the testing facility determines that Without touching the accelerator If you take your vehicle for an the readiness codes are not set, you pedal, start the engine, and let it emissions test shortly after the will be requested to return at a later idle for 20 seconds.

Honda Accord Owner’s Manual

In Canada, call 9- screen. Page Main Menu Table Of Contents Emergency Towing Trying to lif t or tow your vehicle by the The steering system can be damaged if bumpers will cause serious damage.

Open the hood, and check the physical condition of the battery. Main Menu Table Of Contents Trunk Even if the trunk release lever is Emergency Cope Opener Parents should decide if their locked with the master key, you can children should be shown how to use open the trunk with the remote this feature.

Airbag Service, Additional Safety Precautions If it is necessary to remove or modify a front seat to accommodate a person with disabilities, first contact Honda Mwnual Customer Service at This means they have two Although the powder is not harmful, inflation stages that can be ignited people with respiratory problems Use the fresh-air ventilation when possible.


Push the lock button twice within 5 seconds.

Honda Accord Owners Manual | eBay

This To import the cellular phonebook to add, change, or remove a PIN option allows you to search the You can import the phonebook of number for any phonebook that has phone numbers stored in the HFL.

Airbags with this airbags.

To adjust the seat forward or To change the seat-back angle, pull backward, pull up on the bar under up on the lever on the outside of the Position, Advice For Pregnant Women Main Menu Table Of Contents Protecting Adults and Teens Maintain a Proper Sitting In addition, an occupant who is out of Advice for Pregnant Women Position position in the front seat can be After all occupants have adjusted seriously or fatally injured in a crash their seats and head restraints, and by striking interior parts of the put on their seat belts, it is very Push the electrical connector back onto the bulb.

Make adjustment motor, do not operate the sure the seat is fully latched before seat-back angle switch when the seat Push down the lock tab.

Honda Accord Owners Manual

Main Menu Table Of Contents Protecting Adults and Teens Introduction Locking the doors reduces the Adjust the Front Seats The following pages provide chance of someone being thrown out instructions on how to properly of the vehicle during a crash, and it protect the driver, adult passengers, helps prevent passengers from and teenage children who are large Press the brake pedal, and restart the engine.

Page Do not place any object between normal position, or in the event of a an occupant and the seat-back.

Do not attempt to alter this system or add other devices to it. Put Support the front wiper blade the transmission in reverse arms with a folded towel or rag so manual or Park automatic. It also Specifications includes information you should V6 models To check and select the zone, do this: Do until it clicks at least once.

Main Menu Table ,anual Contents Ignition Switch If the front wheels are turned, the You will hear a reminder beeper if anti-theft lock may make it difficult you leave the key in the ignition to turn the key.

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Main Menu Table Of Contents Headlights If you turn the ignition switch to cupe Automatic Lighting Off Feature Daytime Running Lights This feature turns off the headlights, LOCK 0 position with the With the headlight switch off or in all other exterior lights, and the headlight switch on, but do not open position, the high beam instrument panel lights within A sunlight sensor is in the honxa of the dashboard, and a temperature sensor is next to the steering column.

Never tow your vehicle the ground, do this: If the engine is cold, it When you selectthe system When you select Trailer Brakes trailer as quoted by the installed and maintained, and that it Honda requires that any trailer with manufacturer with everything in or meets federal, state, province, and a total weight of 1, lbs kg hnda on the trailer. Ignition Switch Main Menu Table Of Contents Couep Switch If the front wheels are turned, the You will 2008 a reminder beeper if anti-theft lock may make it difficult you leave the key in the ignition to turn the key.

Turn on the lights to make sure the new bulb is working. Country music show the frequency with the PS Each time you press and release the side of the skip bar or push the When you play CD-TEXT, you will interface selector to the right, the see the track name, artist name, and Don’t have an account?

Page Main Menu Table Of Contents Fuel Recommendation, Service Station Procedures If you notice any undesirable Refueling operating symptoms, try another service station or switch to another Gasoline is highly flammable brand of gasoline.